Garmint Mount Garmint Mount - Garmin Friction Mount

Garmint Mount

Garmin friction mount, DON'T BUY ONE. I bought two of them. One broke where the axel runs thru the base. The folding portion is very tight & broke while trying to adjust it. If you are lucky enough to get it set where you want it w/o breaking it, leave it be, don't try to fold it for storage, IT WILL BREAK.

I made a deep research on similar devices and there are good ones on the market, however this has the right size, weight, and grip. Its best feature is the base, it is so flexible that match almost any irregular surface. If you are looking for a Garmin mount, this one is the best up today. You can review it on best buy stores before purchasing.
Garmin Friction Mount and Garmin Nuvi

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