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Review Garmin friction mount by Jerry W. Adams Jr. "BearsFan315" (Portsmouth, VA)
After doing hours of research for a dash mount for my Garmin Nuvi 205w, I decided to give this one a try, and so glad that I did. I looked at the bean bag one and this one, and really wanted a smaller footprint and less bulky mount to put up on my dash. I was concerned about this mount and it rolling, flipping, or tumbling off the dash. To my surprise and delight it never moved !! I have tried it in both of our cars, even used it in the van for our vacation. Fits all three and sits there holding it's position. Some have made notes about a residue that is left behind, I experienced this in 2 of our vehicles, but when I cleaned the car and wiped the dash down, the `residue' was gone. Most likely from the silicone bottom on the mount that holds it in place. Love the flexibility and the fact that you can bent this mount to contour to your dash, and then the swivel mount allows you to adjust the Garmin to see it at any angle. Mounted in my car I took a few corners hard to try and tumble the mount w/ the Garmin, but no luck, it just sat there telling me where to go "literally". Granted I am sure you can tumble it of the dash if you hit a hard core bump or drive erratically, but everyday driving & circumstances it does it's job. If the bottom silicone gets icky from lint, dirt, debris, all you have to do is wipe it down with a cloth and good as new !!

Love the look, the small foot print, and the flexibility. I would recommend this mount to anyone that is looking for a more stylish, but completely functional dash mount, that can go with you most anywhere and in any vehicle.

Loving my Garmin Mount & Garmin Nuvi 205W...

Reviewing by 
spentonbargains (Cleburne, TX)
Best Garmin mount ever for the best GPS ever (nuvi 3790LMT)new at Costco. I would NEVER go back to beanbag mounts, of which I have had 4 other types! I can't believe the negative reviews!(?). Usually, windshield suction mounts don't hold well after time, even though the GPS may be lightweight, so I prefer a dashboard mount. My other beanbag mounts would fall off almost daily, especially when braking hard. This one has generally held in place on my '07 Honda Accord Hybrid, without falling, despite aggressive driving.

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