Garmin Friction Mount

Stability and mobility all in one. Our portable friction mount secures to your dashboard with a non-skid bottom, and the pliable base molds to fit any dash. Traveling? Fold down the integrated arm for storage, and easily move the mount from vehicle to vehicle.

Product Features:
  • New design is lighter weight, more flexible and more compact.
  • The integrated arm can be folded down for easy storage in an automobile or luggage
  • Easily transferable from car to car
  • Brand Name: Garmin
  • Model: 010-11280-02 
Got Garmin friction mount to replace the Garmin bean bag friction mount. The base of this unit allows twisting to conform to the curves and contour of the dash. This base will not move on the dash as it has a "sticky" base, however, the base and the mounted GPS toppled and rolled off my dash and landed on the front passenger seat when we cornered at moderate speed.